Beautify your home or office and add value to the property with our decorative concrete floor installation services. If you’re tired of plain and boring gray concrete, our Orlando concrete contractors offer a variety of decorative designs! Different types of stains and concrete overlay services are just a couple of ways we provide unique options for decorative concrete in Orlando FL.

Our decorative concrete contractors provide transparent service during the entire design and installation process, so you can expect clear communication for prices and processes. If you are unsure about what decorative design you want, we can even help you with that! We want this process to be seamless for you, which is why we are eager to provide the best customer and concrete services in Orlando FL.

Decorative Concrete Overlay

Decorative concrete overlays are durable and beautiful additions to residential and commercial spaces. If you have been interested in revamping your space, a concrete overlay is a quick and easy remodel. Our seasoned professionals will provide a unique design to fit the existing style of your home or office and complete the concrete overlay installation in an efficient and timely manner.

Concrete overlay services give you unlimited design potential by using stencils and stamps that can even create a replica of natural stone. We can recreate most flooring designs you’ve fallen in love with, or start from scratch and design a one of a kind flooring! If you have existing concrete, a decorative concrete overlay can cover imperfections without having to demolish the entire concrete slab. Our concrete contractors are able to revive old concrete slabs with a quick and clean installation service that leaves you worry free.

Concrete Staining Contractors

Acid based and water-based stains are great approaches to add style to solid concrete floors, or to make a concrete patio resemble beautiful hand carved stones. Our concrete staining services can be combined with stencils and stamps to give you unique designs indoors and outdoors! Stained concrete has become one of the most popular concrete services for transforming plain concrete slabs because of this unique outcome that can be achieved combining colors and techniques.

Call today to receive a free quote, and our decorative concrete contractors will start the design process right away! After the design process, our professional concrete installation team will complete your project and seal your concrete so that it will last for years to come. The end results are limitless when it comes to our decorative concrete services.